Meet the Hosts

Randy, Buddy, and Mikey are life-long friends from Conyers, GA, the rumored hometown of Kris Kross. When they’re not busy with their day jobs or kicking back and spending time with their families, they’re talking assholes.


Randy is a married father of one with a growing "Get off my lawn!" attitude. He enjoys watching sports, playing golf, and catching the latest trash TV. Hopefully playing the stock market will get him out of middle management, so he can ditch the stamp card and stop getting into fights at Subway.  

Buddy is oddly enough the voice of reason here at AHC Podcast, except for when he's not. Buddy is a laid back guy who just wants to kick back with his wife and kids and enjoy a philly cheesesteak sandwich. With family in the music industry, Buddy has his fair share of crazy stories and unsolicited weed preparation advice.


 If you threw darts at a board of characteristics and made them into a human, you'd get Mikey. He love's true crime, hip hop, sports, and taking the wife and son to hit the slopes. You can find Mikey staying up late on a Tuesday spiraling down a cryptocurrency rabbit hole with a few beers and a Taco Bell fourth meal.

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