Bonnie and Clyde

For years, Hollywood has glamorized some not-so-glamorous people.  If the tale is “based on a true story” you can guarantee the real subject probably didn’t look like Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise.  The same goes for one infamous duo, the first true ride or die couple, Bonnie and Clyde.  Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow terrorized police and the public for a couple years during a crime spree that would go on to become one of pop culture’s biggest references.  But, between some self-mutilation, prison rape, car wrecks, and gonorrhea, the duo’s journey wasn’t as Hollywood as it’s been made out to be.  But what drove them to a life of crime?  Were they really both the cold-blooded, outlaw killers they’ve been made out to be?  We’ll dive into these questions and more in this episode of AHC Podcast.





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