John McAfee: The Reboot

We're going to revisit one of our previous episodes this week due to the death of one of our show subjects.  John McAfee was found hanging in his prison cell this week, dead of an apparent suicide.  Is this going to be part 2 of "Epstein didn't kill himself?"  Relive the show and learn more about the life and times of the anti-virus software pioneer.  Stay tuned for another new episode of AHC Podcast next week as well!


You probably recognize his last name from the anti-virus software program that your computer constantly asks you to update.  What you may not know is the story behind the man that created McAfee anti-virus software, John McAfee.  From a brilliant mind and what his skills created for the computer world, to the insane stories of his life in a different country that led him to be an international fugitive, this episode of AHC Podcast is sure to entertain and educate.






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