Michael Jordan

To be the greatest of all time at anything requires hard work, dedication, and usually a little bit of luck. But keep in mind, not every GOAT is sports related.  Technically, there is a greatest TV watcher of all time… But the subject of today’s show is no couch potato.  He’s been on the cover of magazines, cereal boxes, and posters hanging on the wall of most guys who grew up in the 90’s – the one and only, his Airness, Michael Jordan.  Jordan changed the landscape of the NBA once he got in the league.  Winning world championships, slam dunk contests, and generally making the competition look like amateurs when he was in his prime.  But the stories that have come to light over the years don’t paint a picture of Jordan being the best teammate.  He defended his position in the recent documentary, The Last Dance, but did we hear all the stories?  What could MJ have done to land him in the courtroom today?  Come fly with me as we roll through the Michael Jordan episode of AHC Podcast.




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