Mike Tyson

Professional fighters have a propensity to live very interesting lives outside the ring.  Think about it, they are performing one of the most primal, basic, human acts, but yet, because they the best in the world at getting the best of someone in a physical altercation, they are rewarded like kings as young adults.  Fast cars, multiple houses, paying all the bills for an entourage of people, and gold chains that would make Mr. T jealous, it’s easy to see how some of these young fighters go broke.  But, it’s much harder to understand how someone with a legendary status in boxing, today’s show subject, Mike Tyson, could wind up as another story of an athlete gone broke.  We’ve all heard the stories about the former “baddest man on the planet”, from his insane knockouts to insane antics both inside and outside the ring.  It’s landed him in jail a couple times, cost him multiple marriages, and seen his boxing career come to an end, but he’s still a relevant name after 35 years since his career began.  What could have been the catalyst to some of the issues we would see down the road in his life?  Was he truly guilty for all the things he has been accused of?  Did he really want to eat people’s children?  We’ll dive into these questions and more in this episode of AHC Podcast.





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