Ron Jeremy

I guess dreams can come true.  If you ask any 20-year-old dude what their dream job would be, odds are, porn star would be near the top.  The adult film industry has graced us with some stars that have reached pop culture status, but probably none more famous than today’s show subject, Ron Jeremy.  “The Hedgehog” has starred in over 2000 adult films and even made his way into movies and TV shows.  On the surface he seems to be likeable, funny, ugly, and not afraid to poke a little fun at himself.  But recent developments have shown a different light on the “Super Hornio Brothers” star.  If you get paid all day to have sex, would you have to have to take advantage of more vulnerable targets to get your kicks?  How much sex does one person have to have to be satisfied?  We’ll dive into this and much more on the Ron Jeremy, and quite fitting, 69th episode of AHC Podcast.




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