Tila Tequila

Once upon a time, there was no social media. In the early days of the 21st century, the idea that you could-- or would even want to-- post up pictures and details about yourself online seemed crazy. And then MySpace showed up on the scene and suddenly everyone wanted to share their lives with everyone else. And one MySpace user leveraged the platform to such an extent that she went from being totally obscure, to being internet famous, to being real-world Famous. 


15 years ago, MySpace queen Tila Tequila was climbing her way up the cultural pile and became a household name. And then her fame rocket ran out of gas and she came tumbling back to earth, a flaming wreck. On this latest episode, we delve into what happened to the tiny Asian social media star and ultimately beg the question: Why would anyone possibly care? Tune in and find out...






FAYZED - Hard Times
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